Atrio is committed to building and supporting our community of creatives and producers, including includes artisans, artists, and farmers. In this interview series, we sit down with some of Atrio's favorite makers to learn about their processes, background, and what makes their products so special.

Atrio recently interviewed Montana Labelle, who runs a Toronto-based interior studio and lifestyle brand known for their marble decor. Read on for what inspires Montana's work and what she's learned along the way.

"With our marble and ceramics collections, each piece offers something different — no two are exactly alike which makes them individual to each customer."

—Montana Labelle

What inspired you to start the lifestyle side of your business?

About four years ago, I was working on completing a design project and through talking with the client realized there was a hole in the market for beautifully curated accessories at an attainable price point. That client eventually became my business partner and co-founder of Montana Labelle Lifestyle. We started with the mission to offer a variety of unique and one-of-a-kind furnishings at a more accessible price. Since then, our Lifestyle business has really become a natural extension of Montana Labelle Design and has allowed us to produce our own product for clients and meet amazing artisans around the world. 

How did you get your start in product development after working in interiors?

At the onset, we started by bringing in product from different vendors along with a collection of curated vintage pieces. While this is still a big part of our business, we also learned that we wanted to be able to offer something completely unique to us. With that in mind we started developing product ourselves from ceramic pieces to marble decor and furniture, which are heavily inspired by vintage items that we have collected over time.


With our marble pieces, we often are inspired by vintage finds from our sourcing trips and travels. We could be at a flea market in Los Angeles or Boston and come across a vintage object that we love and will use as the starting point for a new marble decor piece. From there we work hand in hand with our team and fabricators to sample, try new marbles, and come to a final item that we love. 

Marble has always been part of our design ethos ever since I started Montana Labelle Design over ten years ago. We love how each slab is different, offering different coloring and veining to give you something completely one-of-a-kind. 

What does living well at home mean to you?

It means simplicity and surrounding yourself with collected and curated pieces. It is also about making each space unique to you. We strongly believe that you should surround yourself with items that you truly love and that you feel a connection to—this is anything from furniture down to your towels. I often use my own home as a testing ground for new ideas and designs. I find this is a great way to try new things before recommending them to clients, especially when they are a bit out of the box.

What has surprised you while growing your business?

One thing I have learned about growing a business is to surround yourself with the right people. Your team should play to their own strengths. No one is an expert in everything so you need to surround yourself with people that play to your weaknesses.