Down Atrio
Atrio – a new destination for a life well-lived from Jeremiah Brent.

Atrio is an invitation to elevate everyday items across the many layers within a home, from pantry staples to furniture.

Hand-selected and custom pieces from artists and curators around the world are shoppable online.

Engage the five senses

Across scent, material and taste, Atrio is designed to ignite the five senses and to celebrate daily ceremonies.

Atrio mirrors the vignettes of the home featuring a dining room, kitchen, living space, bedroom, bathroom and patio.

Explore our exclusive collaborations as well as our growing Atrio line of products and furniture.

We invite you to explore Atrio and feel inspired to bring these pieces into your home to tell your story.

Our Philosophy

We believe the home should be endlessly inspiring and equally liveable. The Atrio universe is exquisite but comfortable and inviting. We think living beautifully should be in reach.

We believe in the significance of home and collecting well-made, everyday items that reflect who you are and what you care about.

We are committed to connecting artisans and admirers. Meet our community of small producers, from ceramists to painters.


Platform 8888 Washington Boulevard, Suite 100,
Culver City, CA 90232, USA

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