Sep 27, 2023

I remember the exact moment while standing in my grandmother's Atrium – 

how it felt to look around her perfectly curated space and see her the way she wished to be seen. It was the first moment that I really understood the power of design. It was the first moment that I understood the things in your environment could speak to parts of yourself that you weren't even able to articulate. That moment has stayed with me all these years later, and that moment was the impetus of creating Atrio.

Here we are on our one-year anniversary, and I cannot believe how far we've come.

Dreaming is funny, and magical, and big – but watching what was a dream come true has been one of the biggest highlights of my professional career. Atrio is a dream actualized.

My intention has always been to curate things for our homes that help tell your story. Things that are more than transactional, they're personal. We have learned so much, and continue to learn from you all. Your support and excitement has fueled every step of this amazing journey.

I find myself so deeply reflective of this last year. Filled with gratitude and deep awareness of the many people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to help bring this dream to life, and then, make it work!

My commitment will always be to each of you – my extended family. Make no mistake, we're standing in a moment of change, it swirls all around us. This next chapter of Atrio is rooted in purpose and thoughtfulness. Home matters. You matter.Thank you for trusting us.

Thank you for believing in us. Here's to another year of growth, beauty, conversation, passion and discovery.

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