Peruvian Palo Santo Incense


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Palo Santo is a revered and sacred wood with a bright and unmistakable scent — traditionally used to clear space and uplift energy. alo Santo, which means "holy wood" in Spanish, is a sacred tree native to South America. It holds significant cultural and spiritual importance among various indigenous communities in the region. With a history dating back centuries, it is long intertwined with rituals, traditional medicine, and spiritual practice. As with any sacred plant or resource, it is essential to approach its use with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a commitment to sustainability.
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Made in Australia

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To create the finest natural incense available, Subtle Bodies works closely with specialist artisans worldwide - all who have a lasting connection with the type of wood they choose to focus on. With each incense a different raw material, variations between them are beautifully apparent - not only in the scent but the physical appearance and texture of the wood as well.


55 minutes of burn time per stick.

Care Instructions

Store in a dry location. Monitor the stick while burning. Keep away from children.

Peruvian Palo Santo Incense

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