Carved Driftwood Candleholder


A piece of found driftwood is the stuff of imagination. Where did it come from and where will it go. The unknown artist who carved this sinuously shaped candleholder from a single block of wood clearly found inspiration in the line of the grain and the form of the driftwood itself.

The carving is highly sculptural, with a smooth finish and a modernist biomorphic foot and body. At the same time, the artist brought their own idea of what a candleholder should be from a real-life usage standpoint and carved a decorative scalloped candle cup to finish. As a whole, this is a remarkable sculptural carving, revealing tactile contours and shapes in every direction.
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Combining Atrio Founder and Creative Director Jeremiah’s love of texture, form, and odes to the past, the Atrio collection features custom designed and vintage furniture, decor, scent and more, created in-house with the intent of offering customers long-lasting future heirlooms that carry with them an intentionality and joy through thoughtful design.


<7.5"D x 23.5"h>

Carved Driftwood Candleholder

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