Carved Alabaster Nude Sculpture

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A modernist sculpture of a nude figure in a rare sage green, tactile alabaster stone. The Art Deco inflected torso rises Daphne like from a solid lower trunk, which hints at the sensually elongated torso standing confidently above. Bands of colorations within the stone are sculpted to great effect, highlighting the female form. Additionally, a strikingly tilted, abstractionist head features stylized hair on the right. She has sustained a few blemishes with time's passage, but to the modern eye, the vertical seam and left breast bruising imbues the sculpture with a dramatic subtext that only amplifies the figure's stunning visual presence.
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Combining Atrio Founder and Creative Director Jeremiah’s love of texture, form, and odes to the past, the Atrio collection features custom designed and vintage furniture, decor, scent and more, created in-house with the intent of offering customers long-lasting future heirlooms that carry with them an intentionality and joy through thoughtful design.




Overall Height: 25"
Overall Depth: 5.5"
Overall with: 8"

Carved Alabaster Nude Sculpture

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