Set of Three Fossils


A collection about time - a trio of rare and super fine condition fossils destined to spark conversation about the nature of life itself. The first is a trilobyte - they swam in every sea from the Pre-Cambrian to the Permian extinction and lived over 250 million years; this perfect piece shows the tail and head as well as the body. The second is a compelling example of a long-ago ocean bivalve, also Pre-Permian. The third is an ammonite, a widespread creature of the Jurassic era who left this earthly plane alonside their dinosaur counterparts.

The stunning black coloration of two of the fossils is believed to be the result of an infusion of manganese, a mineral, into the fossil. As a grouping, we can clearly see nature's natural design elegance and in the repeated articulations in each of the three pieces, how success was echoed across geologic time. They are irreplaceable, each distinctively ridged, articulated and simply put, cool to hold, to play, to touch and to arrange.
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Combining Atrio Founder and Creative Director Jeremiah’s love of texture, form, and odes to the past, the Atrio collection features custom designed and vintage furniture, decor, scent and more, created in-house with the intent of offering customers long-lasting future heirlooms that carry with them an intentionality and joy through thoughtful design.



amminite shell - 3w X 2d X2.5h, ocean bivalve 3.5w X 1.5d X 2h, triolobite 3w X 2d X 1.25h

Set of Three Fossils

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