Ember Buried Vessel #280


Buried Vessel No. 280, by New York Times noted artist, Mitch Iburg, showcases Iburg’s ongoing study of time and place. Handbuilt with local foraged Minnesota clays, sand and minerals; a 4-day wood firing using a buried in ember technique (2300F) results in a resonant surface, marked with the essence of time. Atrio is showcasing some of Iburg’s most signature work. Vessel No. 280’s grand scale and understatedly rich surface would be a superb focal point in a great room or other place of contemplation. (Dry use only).
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Handmade in Minnesota

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Mitch Iburg’s studio practice is influenced by the earth’s geological record - specifically, as a manifestation of its ability to remember, rewrite, and inevitably forget the history through which it was formed. Translating this concept into his work by using foraged clays, stones, fossils, and glacial debris as tools for re-framing the volcanic eruptions, ancient seas, and ice sheets that have shaped the landscapes around him. Researching the diversity of Minnesota’s geological past has inspired a way of making that both embraces and challenges conventional ceramic traditions. In an effort to promote various materials along a spectrum of art forms, Mitch’s work frequently shifts between vessel, sculpture, and two-dimensional formats. Each body of work conveys a unique dialect within the larger language of geological history. Collectively, he views each series as a specific resolution to the tension between artistic intent, ceramic tradition, and the intrinsic properties of natural materials.


11" H x 11" W


Foraged Minnesota Clays, sand, minerals

Care Instructions

Wipe Clean with a dry cloth.

Ember Buried Vessel #280

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