Raku Slab Vase


This striking Raku Slab Vase wasn't thrown but rather hand sculpted from carved and pressed thick-walled clay slabs, rapid fired in the famed 16th century Japanese Raku tea ceremony ware technique. Raku entails a rapid heat escalation to about 1000 C, followed by a quick removal from the kiln at the highest heat point; the red hot vessel then rapidly cools en plein air or is sometimes submerged in water, yielding one of a kind crackle and glaze effects. The thermal shock is in direct contrast to the majority of pottery firings and results in frequent breakage.

Our Slab Vase is a true visual story with expressionistic carved indentations, an early industrial ridged block pressing effect, mountain crag perimeter, and dramatic earthy taupe colorations with rich crackle and dripped flow glazing throughout - the sculptural quality easily recalls how Anselm Kiefer works his painting surfaces to yield signature texture and depth. (Not water safe as is typical of Raku).
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Combining Atrio Founder and Creative Director Jeremiah’s love of texture, form, and odes to the past, the Atrio collection features custom designed and vintage furniture, decor, scent and more, created in-house with the intent of offering customers long-lasting future heirlooms that carry with them an intentionality and joy through thoughtful design.


<12"h X 4.5"d X 4.5"w>

Raku Slab Vase

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